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Next Steps


Next Step Class

Next Step is a 60 minute class where you’ll meet a few people, hear more about ZOE Church, and learn how you can get involved.  This class meets regularly on Sundays during our 9:30am service. Click below to register for an upcoming class.




Scripture teaches that faith grows as we hear the Word of God.  We encourage everyone to make Bible reading a regular part of your life. Click on the link to engage in our reading plan with us.

2022 Reading Plan



The best way to go from attending ZOE to feeling a part of ZOE is to begin serving.  There are opportunities for every age, skill, or availability. If you haven’t already joined us for Next Step class, that is a great way to begin your journey.  



We believe that our faith was meant to be lived out together. Our groups enable people to grow in their relationship with God and others. We offer on-site group opportunities as well as off-site small groups throughout the year.


Water Baptism

Jesus said to believe and be baptized. Water baptism is an important step in our faith journey as we express our personal decision publicly.  We have baptism services throughout the year. Join us for the next baptism class so you can take this important step in your faith.



Membership isn’t about privileges…it’s about commitment.  It’s saying that you are committed to the mission and values of ZOE Church and are ready to join in fully.  The membership process has three requirements; Next Step Class, Membership Class, and water baptism by immersion.  The first step to the membership process is Next Step class, so join in to begin the journey.