At ZOE, we do REAL LIFE TOGETHER and there’s no greater way to do that than with our marriages. It’s our heart and passion to see God’s best for every marriage. One of our core values is Embrace the Struggle. Let’s be honest, marriage can be a challenge sometimes. Everyone can use a little encouragement and support in finding God’s best for their relationship. If you desire the best for your marriage and would like to meet with a marriage mentor couple to help you sort through things that are challenging you, we would love to hear from you.
Modern & Flexible

Pre-Marital Mentoring

If you are contemplating engagement or are already engaged, we would love to connect you with a couple that can meet with you and affirm the areas of your relationship where you feel strong, and mentor you where you may need some guidance.

*This is required for anyone seeking marriage by a ZOE Pastor.

Modern & Flexible

Marriage Mentoring

The best way to keep a marriage strong is through intentional growth. Our mentors are available throughout the year for any couple that just wants to pursue marital health. Our ongoing mentoring can take the form of small groups, classes/workshops, or meeting with a mentor couple one on one.

Modern & Flexible

Revitalized Marriage Mentoring

We all have seasons where things get tough. But the best part of a church family is that we never have to do it alone. If you find yourself in a difficult season and your marriage needs a little revitalization, our mentors are ready with the tools to come alongside you and help you discover a better path forward.

Tools & Resources


The Seven Principles of Making Marriage Work - John Gottman
The Relationship Cure - John Gottman
Helping Couples - Les & Leslie  Parrott
From This Day Forward - Craig Groeschel
Love, Sex, and Happily Ever After -  Craig Groeschel
Covenant Marriage: Building  Communication & Intimacy - Gary Chapman
The Five Love Languages - Gary Chapman
Love and Respect - Dr. Emmerson Eggerichs
Sacred Marriage - Gary Thomas
Love and War - John Eldridge
The Intimate Connection - Dr. Kevin Leman
The Meaning of Marriage - Tim Keller
The Four Laws of Love - Jimmy Evans
His Needs Her Needs - Willard F. Harley  Jr.
Rest and War - Ben Stuart
Crucial Conversations - Kerry Patterson
Reclaiming Conversations - Sherry  Turkle


The Stronger Marriage
Mastering Marriage
Marriage After God
Fierce Marriage
The Naked Marriage